Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th (18/365)

AHHH to be organized! I registered online a couple weeks ago and finally my new IKEA 2009 catalog arrived. I used to look at their website all of the time and dream about buying, but we didn't have a local store and they wouldn't ship all the way to me! Now guess what... it is an hour away! I have meant to go for a couple months now, but seriously in the near future I am going ... heck I don't care if I have to go by myself!

Months ago we converted our dining room into a playroom. We never used the space as a dining room and well besides the fact that you can see the room (aka mess) when you walk in the front door... I love having the kids playing soo close. It allows us to keep a closer eye on them! Curtains will be the next purchase (so I can have some division between the front living room and the "play room".

This is the storage system I have my eye on is called the trofast system.

I have been looking at this one:

or two of these slid together at their high points:

The next big decision will be what color of totes to buy! LOL

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  1. Just saw your post about the Trofast system from IKEA and I had to post... :) We have the smaller wide one for the playroom and it works well. One thing to keep in mind (something I didn't realize until I went INSTORE to purchase), the bins only come in certain colors in each size. The website isn't completely clear about this. We ended up with double red ones, long single green ones and short single blue ones. I think white comes in all sizes. I don't remember everything else, but just wanted to let you know in case you had your heart set on certain colors in specific sizes. :)