Monday, June 6, 2011

2nd Grade Food Party!

The kids had been covering the food chart and healthy eating in Health/Science class. It sounds like they covered the old food pyramid, but they also talked about The First Lady's new CHOOSE MY PLATE diagram. I think the kids will definitely "see" it more than with the pyramid. I actually really like the looks of it.....
The first time I actually saw it was from Jillian Michaels on Facebook and there was quite the discussion on it. Mostly about how it needed to show excercise and the good oils/fats that are necessary for your body. But there was also a large discussion on how the Dairy shouldn't really be given as the "milk" but really I think adults are big enough to know that dairy doesn't JUST mean milk! So overall I really like the "new look"! Also their website is great.... CHOOSE MY PLATE.GOV. I didn't read everything on that discussion, but I think the best thing I read was how you should use the smaller salad plate instead of the larger dinner plate. I was happy to read that since I have been doing that for quite a while now. You definitely feel like you are getting more when your little plate is full of food!

Now after all that "good stuff" .... E's class had a food party. Each kid signed up for a specific color and then they were to bring a healthy food of that color to school for their food party. Ethan picked yellow. We brought some lemonade, bananas, yellow peppers and lemons. All of the kids were really really encouraged to try at least two things that they had never tried before. It was fun to watch the kids try new things and even E and I both tried all of the peppers (red, yellow, green and orange). My favorite was the orange pepper, but E's favorite was the red!

Check out their colorful display of food!

It was also amazing to see the kids' plates and what they chose to try or what they were already eating before the party! I was happily suprised at how well some kids were eating their fruits and veggies! 

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