Friday, July 8, 2011

I wish I were a computer geek and Birthday Party Ideas!

Seriously I think this is a repeat topic! Well I borrowed a friends laptop (shhh don't tell her LOL)... But I can't wait to get one of my own! (Now if only one was in the budget!) But it definitely looks like I'm going to have to take my computer in and see if it can be looked at! Not fun and really hoping that it is something super simple....

Now if you can also come up with something super cool for my son's 9th birthday in January that would be awesome! I think for Bella's 6th birthday I think we are sticking with the princess theme and going with Ariel! A friend her Sister-in-Law does singing/dancing/acting! Guess what she does birthday parties. Here is her Facebook page! Scroll down a while and so worth watching!

Here are two videos to watch...

and her good-bye to the birthday girl

Here is a link to the You Tube page with more little video clips! Ariel .... It is her friends You Tube page so there are other videos but some cute Ariel singing!!!

Ok after I started this blog entry last night I came up with a limo idea. I mean they will be 9 after all. I figure if we do it a time where you don't have to serve a meal maybe just a few snacks then they can have a few different snacks and drinks in the limo with them or that is one of the scavenger items, the place where you stop and have snacks.I think if you figure out what you would have spent on party favors  and all the extras then it might be feasible if you find the right limo service! So we will see....I may be dreaming and it may be way out of our league!!! Hmmmm do you guys have any other ideas!??

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