Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2 year difference

A neglected blog! I thought maybe I could post a few family pictures and a place to talk about my Young Living Oils! So I thought it fitting to show an Outfit of the Day photo since that was the last post I did!

Nothing like changing and growing up in a 2 year span! This photo was taken Summer of 2014. Definitely all girl, loves her make up, watching YouTube videos on make up and fashion.
This was the last photo taken in August of 2012! What a difference two years can make! I love how her sense of style has grown and changed (for the better) over the past two  years and how it continues to change! Yes there are not so good videos on YouTube but she has picked some good ones to watch and they have taught her some great habits like washing your face (and showering),  just general taking care of yourself stuff, some basic make up stuff (only worn on rare occasions or when Dad doesn't notice on school mornings LOL), and eating healthy. Oh the things she comes up and asks to buy at the store after watching her videos (usually all good stuff).   We all know that hearing you should do something from someone else is much better than hearing it from your mom! 

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