Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016

We woke up to a dusting of white! Lots of my out of state friends will think we are crazy but it wasn't just a dusting of snow it was a bit of ice. A fairly easy drive to church  where the kids were called to serve at mass! I don't normally take my phone or a camera with me but I wanted to get a picture of the alter all decorated before they took it down.

The kids weren't scheduled to serve at mass this weekend so it appears that they pulled a few of the kids at mass today to carry the torches.

A picture of church from the vestibule.  Not the clearest photo but I was trying to be quick; it's not that often that after mass there are barely anyone sitting in church. With the nasty ice and tiny bit of snow it was pretty empty!
I love the church all decorated for Christmas and it always seems so bare after its all taken down! This year I missed out in getting a picture of the kids standing in front of the alter while it was all decorated.  
The kids did play outside for a while.  Nothing like a little driveway sledding on ice! The neighbors driveway workef great for sledding.  (Hope they didn't mind that the kids used it) They could make it down their driveway and clear across the street! Then they were off to the new neighborhood park (or it sounds like the street the park was on).

We did venture out later in the day (Bella was very excited to go get the guinea pigs new little wooden sleep houses).  The roads weren't bad at all when we went out but we were on pretty well traveled roads at that point. By the time it was time to get the garbage around they had called Todd off from work and the road was pretty much a sheet of ice. So it looks like Todd will be driving me to work and maybe my boss can even give me a ride home!  =) I'm sure the kids will have a snow day too! Looks like we will know that at 5 am tomorrow morning! 

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