Monday, November 16, 2009

All about Bella

Seems these days it has been all about Bella. Actually maybe not all about her, but I've got some great pictures of her lately. Love this series of pictures of her. My parents brought back this "dress" from Cabo on one of their annual trips. She can now wear it with her jeans! I love this to keep convincing her that she can wear jeans; that every outfit that she wears does NOT have to be a dress!

So this past week Bella said she wanted her ears pierced! Well I heard it and ran with it! I wasn't going to let it pass me by this time. Friday after she got out of preschool we headed to the mall. We (the Claire's employee and I) decided that it would be best to do both ears at the same time so we had a little time to kill before the other employee showed up. I had wore my heels and my feet were killing me. (I spent my morning taking photos of all the kids at school (well 85% of them, another mom took some too). Here are the ones I took of E and Bella.

Okay back to the ear piercing. So we were killing time and since my feet were killing me I sat down on a bench in the mall and this is what Bella did.....I guess every girl dreams! Bella is just starting early!

So once the other Claire's employee showed up we got the show on the road. She did GREAT until they actually pierced her ears. Even then the tears welled up and a few might have escaped, but there was NO screaming and no real crying. Just saddness!

So here is Bella right before the piercing...she doesn't even realize what is coming and YES we did tell her it was going to hurt...only for a minute though!

As they get ready to count to 3 for the actual piercing.

See the hand coming up... the piercing has started!

The aftermath....As soon as they were done and out of the way, she was in my arms with tears in her eyes, never a real cry, but the poor hurt her! I took her to look at her ears and well she just wanted her comforts...her thumb and blanky!

Now she was all smiles when we walked out of the mall with in 10 minutes of "it happening"  ....

Now the poor thing, we have to clean her ears at least 2 times a day (the directions say 3, but I can't subject her to that). I was cleaning them the Saturday night and she says to me betweens cries and tears, "This is NOT the best part!" Bless her heart. She just has to get past this and it will become another obsession for her....Earrings of every kind!

A close up of her earrings for the next at least 6 to 8 weeks! I can't wait until she can change them and put all of the Disney princesses in and tiny circles as she calls them.... Soon enough!

Wish me luck... I'm off to clean her ears! Nothing like starting her morning off on a bad note!

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  1. She looks adorable! Her face is so expressive!