Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Face Crash# 2

So it is never a good thing when the school calls you. I was walking through Target today and my cell phone starts ringing! So Ethan had his second run in between his face and the pavement! The pavement won this round too. Maybe I'm a softy, but as his teacher got him out of music class so I could see him (I said I would stop by since I was out n about), he walked out of the music room with a iced sponge held up to his head. It looked soo sad and I was squatting down to see him when he came out and he walked right into my arms, laid his head on my shoulder and just said how bad it hurt. I asked him if he was OK and got a mumbled yeah, but he said he wanted to come home....so what was I to do? Call me a softy...I brought him home with me!

Not sure if you can really see it here.... but it scraped up his forward pretty good and his nose too (our right side). Check out those eyes... he is soo tired!

Here is Ethan from the first pavement fight:

After this one I did take him to the Dr. to have him looked over (and he did get a pretty thorough once over), but the Dr. said with the front of the head it is pretty tough and to watch him for the first 24-48 hours... Watch for odd behavior (way out of the norm), vomiting etc.... Thankfully then and now there has been none of that!

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