Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday party planning!

Okay seriously with ALL of the digital scrapbooking supplies you would think that I would have the most beautiful birthday invitations and thank you cards (I won't tell you that I am the WORST at sending thank you cards) I know that is horrible of me! But here we are just about a week away from Bella's birthday party and I have yet to even decide where we are having it and at what time! Actually I found a company that has jump houses and carnival items to rent. So I found a basic PRINCESS jump house that surpringsly available on her birthday and sadly the football toss is NOT available (thought that would be great for the boys and the adults men) but the popcorn machine is. I was happy to see that the popcorn machine was only $35 for 4 hours. I thought that was a decent price and then basically have some cake. Silly me forgot that you would need a plug in for the jump house so it does limit where you can have it. Personally I would double check the size of the jump house and then I would just have it at our house. I think the only problem is the way our yards are set up is that the backyard is super small =( and so it would be a possibility that it would have to be in the front yard and well then you would have neighbor kids over and well sad to say I don't want them over =) and then everyone that drives by would see the kids jumping! So sounds like an email to the bounce house company is in order to find out the size and then CROSS MY FINGERS that it will fit in the backyard. I just think it would be super fun for the kids to have the jump house to play in....who doesn't like them. So we will see what happens!

Enough about that ..... I was playing around on my smugmug account and found this photo... 
So I see yet again I have failed to stick with it...I am hoping that once the kids are back in school that I can go back to my WW meetings like I should be! =(  I have seen a bunch of my online friends start doing the C25K program and am thinking I will have to start that back up again. I did really enjoy the running! So to just get back to it....everyone I read about starting it, well it just seems to jump start soo much more!

Why not share a few more pictures while I'm here...
Here are just a few of my favorites from the 4th of July:

I just love this picture, dirty face and all. She HATES fireworks yet hates. I tried to hold her in the yard to watch them and she was sucking her thumb trying to cover her face with her blanket and crying and just simply shaking. I finally gave in and let her go inside. I honestly don't think she has ever watched the fireworks. So in this photo she is holding a SPARKLER and really didn't know what to do, she wanted to cover her ears but she had to hold onto the sparkler too.    =)

My boy on the other hand loves fireworks and everything else involved....

 See just his happy smile and don't you just love the new sports goggles! Actually he wears these glasses quite a bit too... I think he doesn't have to worry about them falling off, but they have been such a blessing... no more runs to the glass shop because he took a basketball to the face or he was wrestling in the floor!

Before the fireworks we watched the local parade and well again Miss Bella does NOT like the noise and Ethan being my helper was trying to get Bella to smile for a picture!
Oh and one last photo for the day... as you can see in the photo above the boy had some hair, well he wanted it shaved! So this was the best mom could do...
(Happy 4th of July) LOL

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  1. Bella is such a pretty girl! And I love that denim skirt outfit!