Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Backpacks and Hair

I wonder how you are supposed to know for sure when something is a sign? When your kids are bored, ready for school to start again or go on a play date?
Last week I thought the kids had been playing just great, heck they even seemed to be getting along pretty good and Ethan walks down the stairs wearing his Hooks baseball hat and his backpack (and his compass and Sunny the prairie dog hooked to his shorts). He informed me that he was LEAVING...well after Bella's birthday party and he got his little ninja guys (I told him that I would get him and a freind (and his brother) a couple treats.... It didn't matter that is still a couple weeks away. He told me he was going to his Papa Jim's. We tried to tell him that he worked a lot around the house and that he kept his house super clean. It wouldn't be like when we went over to visit, that Papa wouldn't have as much time to play, and that he would have to keep his toys picked up! Ethan said that would NOT be a problem, that he only had 11 toys he was taking to keep track of!
Good Luck Bud... we'll see you soon! =)
As you can see he packed well, besides a few small toys he remembered to pack a pillow, a baby blanket, a handful of books, his Nintendo DS, and of course deorderant! Gotta remember the important stuff!

So a little back story: Grandma Peggy lets the kids cut paper, literally just cut paper (Miss K -- preschool teacher loves that) so we bought a few new school supplies and a new pair of scissors was on the list for Bella. I decided she could keep those at home and we would get knew ones to take to school.... so when she asked to cut paper I was like why not (used last Sunday's ads).... I ran upstairs to load some pictures onto the computer and was talking to above said Grandma (1st mistake), when I came back downstairs, minutes later, I noticed whips (is that a words) of hair on the floor... I scolded her, but let her keep cutting her paper! I snapped a couple more pictures and while all was calm with her and Ethan I ran back upstairs (2nd mistake), I came down to THIS! I was not happy and made sure Bells knew how wrong it was to cut her hair! So needless to say the scissors were up for a few days (you could say they were in a time out) and then as you can see from the picture below Miss Bella did her own timeout; which she was not very happy about.

At least with Bella I know she listens to me (or I think she does)! For the next couple of days at odd moments during the day she would come up to me, give me a hug and then apologize to me for cutting her own hair. As you can see from above, thankfully the spot in her bangs that she cut, you don't even really notice! THANK GOODNESS!

I have lots more pictures to share and tonight we are officially moving both kids into their own beds... yes we have tried before, but this IS IT!

I am sure I will have a few stories to share about both kids! Wish us Luck!

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  1. Oh, I so dread the day that my boys decide they need to cut hair! I know that every child goes through --I know I did, but I still don't relish the thought!

    good luck with moving the kids. I know it will be an adjustment, but you can do it!