Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

As August is coming to a close the kids I think are finding that maybe they have spent just a little too much time together this summer (w/out the help of the other kids at daycare). They are seeming to argue more and more every day. Ethan is pushing, hitting, "spitting" more and more every day and well Bella is becoming quite the tattle tale these days. A couple weeks ago I took the kids to a the local city hall/police station/pond/park .... small pond with concrete sidewalks all the way around. The kids were so accomodating with me as I followed them around with my camera (I know what is new) =)

They wanted to go play on the playground soo bad and just didn't understand that it belonged to a daycare so we couldn't just go in and play....
This is so both of the kids! Ethan all smiles and "posing" for me and Bella with a tight hold on her blanket (not sure what will happen when she starts preschool in a couple weeks), covering her ears....she does NOT like loud noises! (The building across the street was being torn down).
P.S... You have to love it when kids dress themselves. Bella has quite the fascination with tucking her shirts in (I am sure I should be thankful since she has to wear a uniform to school and it required to be tucked in), but sometimes her choice of patterns and then adding the tucking factor....well can just be "dorky" LOL.... but cute and well documented!


  1. Great pics!

    My kids did the same thing the last couple of weeks of summer - lots of arguing and just ready to have a routine again.

  2. Just like my kids did the last weeks before school started! I love your photos!