Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Dream....

First of all I love this photographer and the photos she takes: Andrea Burns now just too bad she isn't anywhere close to me....

I have followed her for quite some time and she just redid her basement into her photo studio...ahh if I could ever clean out my "craft room" could it at some point look anything like this: Andrea's new studio.

Now speaking of photos... I have soo many to share and so much that has happened in the last few weeks. We went on a 2 day vacation to the beach, our local state fair, Ethan started first grade, Bella started preschool (both with minor homework), I am doing some part time work at a daycare to fill in for a friend, Ethan is playing soccer and Bella has started ballet. So needless to say we are back to our regular busy schedule!

Here is a photo of both kids....because well a blog post is so much funner with photos.

Miss Bella!

Mr Ethan!

I just love my babies! =)

and well how could I not post this video of Bella singing a song she learned at school....(hoping to get a little bit better video later...this one was taken with my phone)