Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Baby Girl is in Ballet (and turnips)...

Oh how quickly the time between posts... still have a ton of photos to share! I am thinking I will just have to jump around a bit and post as I can.

First my baby girl has been talking about taking Ballet for over a year now (yes seriously) so we finally decided to sign her up (runs like the school year does). She goes once a week for 45minutes. So two weeks ago we were pumping her up to take her first ballet class, we talked about how mommy will wait in the waiting room (soo bummed that we don't get to sit in and watch). We are on the way there and I decide to look at the packet of information (yes I know I shouldn't be doing this while driving) and notice that it says it ENDS in about 20minutes from then. I hurry and call them and make sure of what time the class starts and stops and yup I so very much screwed up Bella's first ballet class. So I hurry us over there and they let her get in on the last 10 minutes of class. Poor girl she was soo confused as to why she didn't get to "dance" longer. I kept explaining to her how sorry momma was and that next week it would be all better.

Thankfully I don't think she will be traumatized by this experience and seemed to really enjoy herself on her 2nd day (granted she had a cold and sure wanted her Momma to take her instead of Daddy) but all ends well.

Here are the photos I snapped after her 10 minutes of ballet class. As you can see she wasn't too happy.

Of course we can't leave the boy out of the picture....
Last year in Kindergarten Mrs. M read a great little story about turnips (no I don't have the name), but she said every time she reads the story she also has the kids eat fresh/raw turnips. Surprisingly the kids always love it, Ethan included. So of course he wanted to plant some in our small little garden. Here is the fruits of his labor:

They weren't perfect (had to cut quite a bit off of them), but we were able to eat a little bit... I guess all in all I would call it a success!

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