Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st Communion

Well I know there has already been a few things that have happened since the last post, but might as well start with the newest! E had his first communion today (Sunday 5-1-2011). The whole class did wonderful and oh they were so beautiful/handsome in their white dresses and suits. His 2nd grade class has talked a lot about communion, we did a retreat, and we've been practicing at home with our vitamins so he would feel comfortable his first time!

Here he is after mass. We came back to the house and had sandwiches (Honey Baked Ham) and mom brought potato salad and the basics. I won't bore you with all the details. Plus I promised he could change out of his new suit after GMA and GPA H came over and saw him (and Bella) all dressed up. So being the "good mom" I am I hurried and snapped a few pictures. The only thing we didn't do was get a family picture of us all 4 dressed up. Oh well next time! =)

Of course I had to snap a couple of Bella all dressed up in her Easter dress too. Thankfully E likes dressing up. Meaning he doesn't put up a fuss when I ask him to where a tie or when I buy him ties to match his sisters clothes! Actually there are plenty of times he will get all dressed up all on his own! But back to Bella....
Boy does she LOVE her big brother!!!
I can't leave out this one either! After they had hugged (Ethan tolerated VERY well), but I said, "Act like you love each other!" E got a wierd smirk on his face, but Bella leaned in and kept trying to give him a good kiss!

Congratulations...We (even Bella too) are soo proud of you! You are growing up into such a handsome, caring, and giving young man!

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