Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of Purple Bear...

I am loving my photo class (not loving that now I don't have access to the website to load my pictures---reminder to email Nicole and let her know...maybe she will let me email her my photo submissions???)
Another week one Photo Class assignment was do a Day in the Life of .  I really wanted to do something that I or we as a family could relate to (aka perfect for a scrapbook page or mini album) so after some thinking I decided to do Bella's Purple Bear (also known as her purple Share Bear Care Bear). Purple Bear is what he has always been called. E picked it out for her on her 1st birthday and lets just say this bear is flat as can be from it constantly being with her. After almost 5 years of her playing with it, it isn't as constant as it once was but it is still one of her most beloved items she has well right behind her 3 identical baby blankets (there is a story behind that one too... but I will save it for another day).

So here is the Day in the Life of Purple Bear....

Waking up with Bella

The ride to school

All alone in the car after drop off

(these aren't the best we were rushing (running late as always) and needed to get the kids inside to school)

"laying around" at daycare waiting for Bella to get "home" from school

(I was manually focusing here and I wish I would have got the focus on the heart on the heart on its foot)  =(

One the lookout outside for Bella to get home

Birthday present shopping at Target

Watching some TV before bed

and lastly back in bed for bedtime
(yes my baby girl still sucks her thumb...not sure what to do about that)

It was a lot of fun to do this Day in the Life of. Actually I am looking forward to that with a few more items!

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