Friday, May 20, 2011

My model...

So I am now pretty far behind in my photography class, but I did get a few photos the other day while working on "the rule of thirds" and how your subject shouldn't always be centered. I like to think that I have already been following that rule, but hey any chance I get to take more photos of my "lovely" kids I will do it!

Here are some of miss Bella! (all expressions are her own...I didn't request them!)

and can't forget some more of Purple Bear
I even bribed the boy (yes they have to be bribed sometimes) with a milkshake one day if he let me take some pictures... He was a great sport and I really need to get the rest of his "photoshoot" edited, but this is one of my favorites that were taken; I couldn't wait to edit it!
Yes you might be bored with more pictures of the boy later when I get more edited! Like I said he was such a sport and we found a couple great little spots to take photos! (now to get the rest of the family there to take a nice family picture!!!

Now I should go watch the videos for last weeks class on poses! Yeah... I wish I was able to stay caught up with the class....maybe this week I can get caught up!

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