Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Expensive Weekend!

Trying to catch up on a few blog items and well this weekend was spent "partying", Papa Lyle had his 80th birthday party Saturday and then Sunday my cousin Amy had an engagement party to introduce family to her new fiance Lewis! It was a great little gathering (no pics) but nice time, good food and just some old fashion socializing! Last weekend was another story all together!

Our car hit 100,000 miles, Friday night we went to the "local casino" and watched Jodee Messina in concert! We just love her! (We brought Bella her new CD and OMG she hasn't stopped listening to it. Matter of fact with in a couple days she had lots of the words memorized!), Saturday E ran in a local relay race that all of the local schools participate in. Yes that was a bright an early 7:45am arrival time.... Oh and did I mention that I was up at 3:30am to arrive at 4am to stand in line for Bella's recital tickets. Long story, but you wait in line, first come first serve on tickets. Most times I wait with a girlfriend at the wee hours of the morning, but her daughter isn't doing ballet so it was just me and then another friend who's daughter is in Bella's ballet 2 class was actually buying our tickets since we had to be at the above mentioned relay races! (E's boys 4x100 relay team took 4th in their heat!)

After the relay then we headed home and had lunch and since early in the week I had stopped at our local Les Schwabs and they said YES you are pretty much driving on some egg shaped tires, all 4 need to be replaced and you need to have it realigned!  Ugh so we dropped it off and 4 new tires, an alignment and a phone call later saying some bolt or bearing (whatever it was, was another $100+ dollars) So needless to say it was an expensive Saturday!

After having another load of clothes stop in the dryer we decided that Sunday we had better start looking at washers and dryers (since the washer only works on one cycle we might as well just buy the matching pair at one time) LOL  (we've had it repaired a few times and it is 17yrs old)

So needless to say we bought a new washer and dryer and can't wait for 5/24 when it will be delivered and set up!

Here they are:

Is it sad to say I'm pretty excited about these! Besides the fact that the dryer actually "died" we are in need of some clean clothes LOL and they are front loading and yes I got the pedestals too! Also E couldn't keep his fingers off the buttons since they are basically right at his level. So I am thinking I will just teach him to do his own laundry! LOL Think it will work??? Would that mean less laundry for me? Oh wait hubby does almost all of the laundry! I guess I should ask if he is very excited for our delivery!

The only other exciting news is that I had to get a new phone....Actually I was very disappointed that when I went to look at my phone options there wasn't much to choose from if you weren't going to smart phone! Well not sure how others do it, but for hubby and I to both have a smart phone it would cost at least $160 a month... um yeah that isn't in my budget... did you read the above mentioned stuff?  So I ended up with an LG Octane and at first I was pretty upset, but I think I will really like it. So far so good and just found out that it does take videos (not sure how well yet) but at first I didn't think it did so yes the little things excite me!

See lots of exciting things happening around our neck of the woods!!!

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