Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I wish I were a computer geek!

So all of a sudden the other night my computer started giving me trouble. It won't connect to the internet yet I can still access the internet from my iPod touch. So confusing...something about the DNS server and an IP address conflicting with something. Who knows! I only have a desktop and an iPod so not sure what is going on. I think I will try connecting it back to the "wall" instead of having my wireless connection and see what happens! The whole point of that story is that I have tons of great photos (or what I think of as great photos) that I want to post and some fun information so I will see what I can get posted from my iPod (imagine typing on that little tiny thing and I can't really link up photos) and what I can do from work's laptop.... Gotta love some of the perks!

So onto a new post with hopefully some pictures!!

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