Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Class!

I have wanted to take a photo class for the longest time and I still really want to take one in person, but I finally signed up for one online (and I know of a couple more that are supposed to be excellent so I hope to keep taking classes). It just started last week and already I feel like there is a ton more understanding of the manual exposures!

Needless to say I have been trying to snap pictures where ever I can. At home, outside, at work (which happens to be a daycare; so I have lots of little subjects!) Now to some this photo looks like any others they have seen or I have taken, but the amazing thing is that I somewhat understood what I was doing when I changed the manual settings!

This is Gavin....our busy little boy, but check out that face!!!
ISO 200   f/1.8   1/100   50mm 1.8 lens

Now maybe this is where I mention that on Wednesday when I went to mass with the kids at school that I pulled my camera out of my purse (I know first mistake) and when I pulled my camera out the strap hooked around my 50mm lens and it "crashed" okay it dropped onto the floor with a loud THUD. Sadly I think it isn't focusing right, maybe it is because I'm trying to work in only manual settings and I still don't know what I'm doing. I'm hoping it is just me and not the lens. I really am not in the market to buy another lens. For those photographers is was my favorite lens; my 50mm 1.8  =(

After I dropped the lens I was able to take these photos for my Photo Class (Week 1). It was about Aperature settings and the Depth of Field and how adjusting the Aperature the effect it has on the photo. I wish I would have been able to get outside earlier in the day, but these were taken right at dusk at about 8pm a couple nights ago!

shutter 1/320 ap 1.8 50mm lens ISO 400

shutter 1/20 ap 6.3 50mm lens ISO 400

Now there is no guarentee that I did it in equivalent exposures but as far as shutter and aperature I'm slowing "getting it".

I still need to do an ISO set of pictures example, a shutter assignment (person running or running water. I think I will be working with the running water). Today I am working on the Day in the Life part of Week 1's homework. I am pretty excited for this one. I am doing Bella's Purple Bear!

If you have made it this far.... THANK YOU!

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